Caring heart x Moms Union

2021 In the summer, a representative of the Union of Mothers applied to the Carey Heart Foundation for help. What a wonderful feeling when in Lithuania charitable and support funds become friends and go hand in hand towards one and the same goal - HELP AND STRETCH the helping hand to the weaker.

Together with Amber Pharmacy, patron of the Caring Heart, we have provided support to the wards of the Mothers' Union by medical means . 

The name of the project is Plush box.

Getting to the hospital for any child and his family causes stress, often confusion. Sometimes, when you arrive only for tests, suddenly you hear the most terrible message – your child is suspected of an oncological disease. And immediately, even before you can pick up the necessary items, you stay in the hospital, because treatment should be started immediately.

Children from neglected families or care homes often also enter the hospital. Without anything, without essentials: a toothbrush, a comb, a towel, hygiene products...because there is no one to take care of, there is no one who can arrange essentials, who would hug when saying goodbye.

From now on, children with oncological diseases or those who do not care about anyone will be greeted in the hospital by a new friend, Plush, who lives in a box prepared for children in a cottage. Together with Plush , a dear handmade friend, donated by many kind-hearted people, the children will find a letter from Plush in the box in the house, as well as the most important and necessary hygiene products.

Thank you very much for the hygiene products "Amber Pharmacy” ir geraširdėms aukasarankėms už rankų darbo draugus Pliušius. ❤️