Dovanok Kalėdas vienišoms mamoms

Šiais metais, mūsų fondas, nori pradžiuginti Krizinio nėštumo centre, esančias vienišas mamas ir jų vaikučius, padovanodamas „KALĖDŲ VAKARIENĘ“.


In April, Rūpestinga Širdelė is running a joint project with the accessory brand MONEJ. Link to the MONEJ online store...

"12 Beating Hearts"

We present the project - "12 beating hearts". This project is about twelve young children from all over Lithuania who need gastrostomy and enteral nutrition due to their serious health condition.


From February 14. The project “I share my care with 12 beating hearts” is launched together with Kačerginė school - Multifunctional Center.

Caring heart x Moms Union

Together with Gintarinė Vaistinė, patron of the Caring Heart, we provided medical support to the wards of the Mothers' Union

"DisneyLand 2022"

Charity and Support Foundation "Careful Heart" launches a new initiative with orphans of Kaunas Municipal Orphanage...

"Draw a dream"

Charity and support fund "Careful Heart" is ready to fulfill the dreams of children of Kaunas Municipal Orphanage!...

"From Heart to Heart"

Prisidėk pirkdamas maisto papildus AMBIO, nes nuo kiekvieno produkto 0,10 EUR keliauja projektui „Iš Širdies į Širdelę”

Completed projects

Christmas initiative for Kaunas Municipal Orphanage

During the magical Christmas period, a caring heart together with McDonald’s and All For Hotel Caring Heart together with McDonald’s ir ... 

A consignment of medical supplies for almost half a million euros

Medical supplies worth almost half a millions euros will reach Lithuanian hospitals

"Sakalas" social care home

We bought hygiene products for 775,39 eur

VŠĮ "Sevilis" Retirement home

Nursing and health care products for 440,41 EUR

Ilguva social care home

Donated excursion to Klaipeda Dolphinarium 548 EUR

Leliūnai social care home

We bought hygiene products for  772,13 eur

Druskininkų TAU

Druskininkai Third Century University was granted support for 500 EUR

"LSB Kelmės Draugystė"

Bought a computer for 405,99 EUR

"Mother's Union"

Support was provided for medical and hygiene measures for 523,10 EUR


Support was provided for medical and hygiene measures for 365,49 EUR

"Youth Day Center"

Hygiene products were bought for 552,97 EUR

Child and Family Welfare Center

Provided support for food supplements, medical and hygiene products for 719,62 EUR

Klaipeda "Medeine" School

Bought spec. equipment for 600,54 EUR

"Rehabilitation and Nursing Center"

Support provided for food supplements, health and hygiene measures for 254,16 EUR

Public institution "ORI SENATVĖ"

Bought 2 computers for 798 EUR

"A ticket to a full childhood"

Ukmergė Children's Day Center
was supported by food supplements and other health and hygiene measures for 320,11 EUR

Nursing and senior Care home

Support for medical and hygiene measures for Pagėgiai supportive care, nursing and senior Care home for 554,07 EUR

School of Life 2017

The Foundation supports the project “IS School of Life 2017” implemented by Vilnius Multiple Sclerosis Society