We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to the Project "From Heart to Heart" initiated by The Caring Heart, Amber Pharmacy and #AMBIO At the beginning of April, we set ourselves the goal of raising as much money as possible for sick children within two months – a two-week trip to the rehabilitation center "Olinek" in Poland, where toddlers and their parents will be provided with significant and professional help. 🤍

Thanks to Gintarinė Vaistinė collected as much as EUR 24,000! 🤩
With this amount, we will help the care of the support fund for the sick and their families.
It is wonderful to know how many hearts full of kindness surround us – THANK YOU!

Located in Poland "OLINEK" not only offers modern treatments, effective therapies, but also highly professional staff aimed at fully helping young people and their families cope with disabilities and illnesses. Every two-week trip to this center is an invaluable gift to the families in the care and support fund "Caring Heart".

Thank you partners:

Amber Pharmacy