We invite you to join the project "From Heart to Heart" initiated by "Amber Pharmacy" and help to fulfill the dream of young patients - to go to a rehabilitation center in Poland.

All you have to do is buy any AMBIO food supplement product at the Amber Pharmacy. From each package, 0.10 Eur will travel to the project fund, which will cover the trip of Noah, Elijah, Cyril, Urtė and other children to the rehabilitation center. Each of them, while experiencing daily difficulties and pains, delights their families with wide childish smiles, behind which is the hope that life will become a little easier.

The Olinek Rehabilitation Center in Poland is not only equipped with modern treatments and effective therapies, but also with highly professional staff, whose goal is to fully help young people and their families cope with disabilities and illnesses. Every two-week trip to this center is an invaluable gift for the families cared for by the Caring Heart Support Fund.

We aim for the funds raised during the Heart to Heart project to be sufficient for five children's trips to the Olinek Center for two weeks. If more funds were raised, we would also provide support to other families supported by the support fund.

Contribute to the campaign and help us help the seriously ill little hearts.

The initiative runs from April 1 to June 30.

You can buy food supplements AMBIO in all „Gintarinė vaistinė“ and „Norfos vaistinė“ outlets and online stores

More information about the mentioned children can be found here:

Support for Urte donated 2283 € - Caring heart (

Support for Cyril 8225 € donated - Caring heart (

Support for Elijah donated 8531 € - Caring heart (

Support for Elijah donated 8531 € - Caring heart (