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Support for Milana

The girl was born premature - at the 23rd week of pregnancy. In total, Milana had as many as 15 anesthetics…

Support for Ignas

    Igno story began sadly, with many frightening diagnoses. The boy has a spasmodic…

Support for Karolis

Unfortunately, Karolis was diagnosed with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, which affects 1 in 60,000 children

Support for Darja

Cerebral palsy was diagnosed at the birth of Darja, so regular physiotherapy and occupational therapy are her…

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"12 Beating Hearts"

We present the project - "12 beating hearts". This project is about twelve young children from all over Lithuania who need gastrostomy and enteral nutrition due to their serious health condition.

Caring heart x Moms Union

Together with Gintarinė Vaistinė, patron of the Caring Heart, we provided medical support to the wards of the Mothers' Union

"DisneyLand 2022"

Charity and Support Foundation "Careful Heart" launches a new initiative with orphans of Kaunas Municipal Orphanage...

"From Heart to Heart"

Help us by buying food supplements AMBIO because from each product EUR 0.10 goes to the project "From Heart to Heart"...

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