12 Beating Hearts

"12 Plakančių Širdžių" projektui paaukota 34116€ iš 100000€

We present the project - "12 beating hearts". This project is about twelve young children from all over Lithuania who need gastrostomy and enteral nutrition due to their serious health condition.

Children with this serious health condition can‘t eat normal like others, they need special equipment and special mixtures which are very expensive. For example, one family spends about 500-600 euros per month for special equipment and mixtures, which is about 6,000 euros per year just for one family.

Our goal  – 100.000 € !

Thanks to the collected support, we will be able to provide all families with special mixes for a period of one year!

With this project we aim to raise the right amount of money - about 100,000 euros to provide all families with special mixtures for one year!

Also, all these children have difficult diagnoses and they need to visit specialists for their health problems, but due to high costs it is hard for parents to take their children to specialists as often as they should… Financial support for these families can open a new opportunities for them to allow their children to visit specialists such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and others as often as they should.


Your support can save a child’s life and bring a lot of happiness to the family! :)


How to donate:

🔸 A/S LT80 7300 0101 44236452

Swift code HABLT22

Beneficiary - Labdaros ir paramos fondas "Rupestinga sirdele"

Bank code 73000

Details - Project

🔸 Paypal



Thank you for your Support!


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