Charity and support fund "Careful Heart" is ready to fulfill the dreams of children of Kaunas Municipal Orphanage!...

In the spring of 2021, together with the children's care home of Kaunas Municipality, we implemented the first initiative. ✨

The aim of the initiative is to fulfill the dreams of orphans. It was only when we started this project that we understood what this meant for children, especially those who live with carers. Many remember such children in the run-up to the winter holidays. 🎄 And we thought, why not surprise the children and not implement this idea? 🤔😍

We called the director of the institution and decided by common resolution that we were DOING!👌

The children drew dreams in a few weeks, we took them back and started working.

In total, we counted only 35 dreams, and we expected ±80 (because there are so many wards)... It turns out that some wards do not believe that dreams can come true... 😔 Those who drew dreams dreamed of all kinds of things, toys, phones or tablets. 📱 Of course, we also received drawings that drew Mommy or Daddy... 🧸 🏓 👨 👩 👧  We have not been able to achieve these dreams. But we want to appeal to you.

If you have the desire to fulfill this dream, contact www.musuvaikai.lt 💖

Well, after almost 3 months, thanks to the caring heart community, caring people, students and teachers, employees of various specialties, we implemented this initiative.

Whoever hasn't seen it yet, on our Facebook page, we share moments. Come in to see. ☺️🎬

It was, in fact, a wonderful project and the biggest thank you to all those who contributed!

We hope that there will be more such initiatives. 🙏🏻


And if you have ideas and want to implement initiatives together – contact us! 🤗

🔸 info@rupestingasirdele.lt

🔸 +37061233123

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