Information for Businesses

Support by allocating x percent of the revenue from your products and/or services

Opportunity to create a joint project, where percentage of sales will go to specific child story

Cooperation in projects

Contribute to our ongoing projects

Regular/or one-off financial donation

We invite you to be our sponsor by transferring regular / one-time support to our fund, which will be used to help sick children

Support with goods and/or services

Contribute to the initiatives we organize by providing support with your products and/or services

Donate 1.2% of your Income Tax

Encourage your employees to dedicate 1.2 percent of Income Tax to our charity and support foundation

Donation Boxes

In Lithuanian Amber pharmacies, Circle K gas stations and other places that host customers, you can find our donation boxes. We invite you to place our donation box in a prominent place and provide your clients with the opportunity to support the activities carried out by the charity and support fund "Caring Heart". In order to receive the "Caring Heart" donation box for the place of service, please contact us: we will sign the act of acceptance and transfer of the donation box and send you a box by courier. Once the box is filled, our partners will ensure the collection of the collected funds, and you will continue to be able to raise funds for children.

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