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"Caring Heart" - Charity and Support Foundation, established in the beginning of 2017. The aim of the foundation is to help and give hope to people who are facing severe challenges.

The foundation aims to help families raising severely ill or disabled children.

We take into account that such families often face not only psychological burdens, but also material difficulties. We raise funds to provide the child with the necessary treatment and special equipment. The support provided allows the child to grow more independently: to learn, to improve, to integrate into social life and to experience less separation from their peers.

The foundation also takes care of children growing up without parents or in families at social risk. Cooperation with the "Children and Adolescents Social Center", children's day care centers located throughout Lithuania. "Caring Heart" willingly contributes to the fulfillment of children's dreams, confidence building and learning opportunities.

The foundation cooperates with "Amber Pharmacies", where you can buy a "Caring Heart" box for medicines and vitamins. By purchasing 1 such box, you allocate 0.50 € / cnt to the fund. Thanks to these funds, we were able to implement many amazing projects this summer:

Residents of Ilguva Social Care Home had the opportunity to go to the sea and visit the Klaipėda Dolphinarium;

New computer equipment was donated to the Children's Day Center and Nursing Home of the Lithuanian Samaritan Society;

Various care facilities were supported by health care, food supplements, and hygiene measures.

The Caring Heart Foundation aims to contribute to public education and tolerance for people with disabilities or difficulties.

We notice that Lithuanian society is gradually becoming more communal and mature - trying to reach out to those who are weaker.

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