9-year-old Titas needs our help! We invite you not to be indifferent and to extend a helping hand!

This cute and extremely tenacious boy has been diagnosed with mixed developmental disorder, severe disability. Titas doesn't talk, he doesn't go to the toilet by himself, he has a congenital heart defect...

Geros valios žmonių Tito mama prašo padėti su higienos priemonėmis, taip pat mama neslėpia, jog norėtų dažniau lankytis pas logopedą. Na, o Tito
Tito mother asks people of goodwill to help with hygiene products, and her mother does not hide that she would like to visit a speech therapist more often. Well, Tito biggest dream is to see the SEA!

Let us unite for a common goal and help this family – let us fulfill their dreams!


How you can donate:

🔸 A/S LT80 7300 0101 44236452

Recipient – Labdaros ir paramos fondas „Rūpestinga širdelė”

Beneficiary - Labdaros ir paramos fondas "Rupestinga sirdele"

Bank code – 73000


🔸 PayPal:

🔸Sending SMS number 1670 with the word AUKA

Tito Story

  Titas, was a very welcomed boy. The insecurity was normal, and certainly not long. The expected day came, as Titas saw the world, but not like all children. The boy was immediately suspected of having a birth defect. A few days later, we were taken to Kaunas clinics for detailed research. I baked it was a misunderstanding, a mistake... Because seemingly the child seemed healthy. But I heard the answer... The child has congenital Down syndrome. At the time, it seemed like my whole life had slipped out from under my feet, I was crying, I was asking myself why, for what I was so. It was hard to believe I'd be raising a different boy than anyone else. But time heals everything. I had to hold myself in my arms because I was and I needed Titas. Titas grew, the development took a sharp hit. At the age of 2, he began to sit alone without support, and later took the first steps. Now Titas is 9 years old, the boy doesn't speak, doesn't go to the toilet himself, (we use diapers). Has a congenital heart defect. It's harder to walk, it gets tired quickly. Titas is diagnosed with mixed developmental disorder, severe disability. But Titas is a cute, and intelligent kid. So Tituku and I ask people of goodwill to help us with hygiene products, we would like to visit a speech therapist more often. And no doubt Titas has a dream to see the Sea. ❤️