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This story is about a 10-year-old curious and very hardy boy named Radomiras. He has now undergone 15 operations and is not yet finished. The child is non-walking, has many needs, needs intensive rehabilitation and care. Despite all the difficulties Radomiras has experienced, he willingly attends a special school, where he gradually expands his knowledge and abilities and delights his parents with his achievements. Parents note that Radomiras is very happy with training with a kinisifor gait simulator, but due to the high costs to devote to this activity, Radomiras is not able to attend the classes as much as is recommended by specialists to improve his condition.

Radomiro family is asking for help, so let us not remain indifferent and contribute to the fulfillment of this boy's dreams!



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I couldn't even imagine a different life, we lived like a typical family, we worked, we raised a child, but one day everything seemed to be gone, everything collapsed. Life seems to have started again. But partly maybe I'm happy because we saw a different life and way of life, we started to appreciate what we didn't value before, we discovered different feelings that we didn't feel when we were without Radomiras.

Radomiras was born on January 6, 2011, and was diagnosed with congenital spinal hernia, cerebral water, Arnold-Chiari syndrome, leg paraparesis and slippery, pelvic organ dysfunction, hip dislocation, epilepsy, mixed specific developmental disorders and moderate speech underdevelopment. Born fully carried away. A spinal cord hernia plastic operation and ventrikuloperitoneal shunting surgery were performed. However, the trouble with these operations is not over.

Radomiras has already endured about 15 operations and does not know how many more will be needed. When he was 7 months old. he developed epilepsy with convulsions, which often reoccur, which especially hinders the development of the child. Today, he needs strong and intensive rehabilitation, as he has impaired leg sensations, weak muscles, dislocated hips, as well as disturbed sensations of urination and defecation. From 7 months we started driving to Children's Rehabilitation Hospital "Lopšelis" and then an additional 2 times a year to Abromiškiai Rehabilitation Hospital.

The child does not walk, has many neurological disorders. The child's special needs are very high – not only daily exercise with a physiotherapist is required, but also speech therapist classes. We teach Radomira every day to learn something and move forward in small steps.

Today we are 10 years old, Radomiras attends special school, he is currently in 4th grade, there are many activities and various activities. However difficult it may be, we go ahead anyway, albeit in small steps. At this time, it can be noted that the child's vocabulary is slowly expanding, he wants to say a lot, but does not really go out although he puts a lot of effort into it. In addition, as we grow, the desire to walk has appeared only a pity that the device that helps to stand and move independently from one place to another is the only one and only in the Development Center "Nursery", which helps us already small. In addition, Radomiras is staffed by a speech therapist, as well as a boy attending the Nicomed Center, which has a robotic kinisifor gait simulator – it replaces verticalization and helps the child to train muscles. Radomiras loves training and he would like to do it more often, but we need financial help at the moment.

Despite the difficult trials he has experienced, Radomiras is a cheerful, communicative and world-interested boy. Every small achievement of Radomiras gives us a lot of joy. Radomiras is very much appreciated, supported and loved in his family!