More than 100 full anesthetics, six surgeries, no contact with friends and the only wish for the day to pass without pain.

However, this article does not mention that a couple of years ago, Monika's family was in a big disaster - the sole breadwinner of the family, the girl's father, was involved in a plane crash and only miraculously managed to save his life. Unfortunately, after the accident, Monika’s dad is disabled and now the only breadwinner in the family of four is her mother. The family income is modest with all benefits, and medicines and health care for two disabled family members are expensive.

Due to poor health and constant complications, Monica’s teeth are very weak and broken. The girl was treated and helped with dental care by Kaunas dentists, but now she needs dental prosthetics, which is very expensive and the family is unfortunately unable to pay for Monika's dental prosthetics. We have already raised part of the funds to cover the costs of Monika's teeth prosthesis, but there is still a lack of funds to get Monika's teeth completely repaired.