As soon as Jacob was born, a severe hearing impairment was diagnosed, and the boy heard very poorly in both ears. Parents bought Jacob 2 hearing aids, which the boy still wears. Jacob is now 2.5 years old, when doctors find that the right ear no longer shows any signs of "life" during a hearing test, doctors recommend that the son be implanted in a hearing aid for a deaf ear. Parents aim to implant the latest implant, which allows MRI to be performed without removing the internal implant, and with this implant it is possible to adjust the hearing aid in the other ear so that the child can hear the same sounds in both ears. With such an implant, Jacob could adapt and attend a general education school, live a full life. Jacob’s parents have a positive view of their child’s future and wish him the best, looking for support to buy Jacob's implant. Winter income is very modest and it is not possible to collect such an amount from the father's salary and the allowance received from the mother.