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Amelia is only 8 years old, but she has had a lot of difficulties during her life… 

At just 6.5 months old, Amelia suffered her first epileptic seizures, which led to her being hospitalized. Amelia was diagnosed with West syndrome. Hormone therapy has been successful. With the start of rehabilitation, Amelia was gaining weight, learning something new, but still had some symptoms, which are named the beginning of Rett's syndrome…

Various training sessions helped to improve the condition, the girl reached the age of one, held her hands, began to take the first steps, was active, interested in everything, liked to explore the environment. But every time she got sick, the girl slowed down…

Last year, the family received a final diagnosis - Rett syndrome.

Diagnosed Rett syndrome is complex, making it difficult for the family to predict the future. Amelia's spine is twisting, she is tired of many involuntary movements, her muscles are tense, her eating is disturbed. 

Robotic system Kinisiforo therapies helped Amelia grow stronger. This therapy strengthens all muscle groups that cannot be achieved by working with a child normally; new neuronal connections are created, the impulse of movement is embedded in the brain map (UAB Dianeta Center).

Let’s help Amelia grow stronger and feel the joy of childhood!


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