Alice is 2 years and 9 months. During all this time, she underwent heart surgery, a week of extremely serious conditions in the intensive care unit without any optimistic prognosis, three months in a perinatal center and countless trips to various specialists. For two and a half years now, we have been trying to help Alice recover, knowing that it will take many more years, putting in even more effort and overcoming new difficulties! Visits to rehabilitation centers and sessions with specialists bring results: Alice holds her head well, is more confident, experts praise her and notice positive dynamics, she becomes more relaxed, her muscle tone becomes smaller, Alice began to talk a lot, tries to repeat words, responds when we approach her. The closest goal is to teach Alice to sit and turn on his own, and we are very close to achieving this goal!

Unfortunately, but without regular rehabilitation courses, Alice is not available! Constant rehabilitation brings us closer to the main goal – to give Alice a life that is taken for granted by you and us as a normal person!

Alisa turi visas galimybes turėti tokį gyvenimą, tik tam reikia titaniškų pastangų!

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