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Trolley for Saturn

Saturn has cerebral palsy since birth. The boy was 9 years old in the summer, he is already third. Saturn is a sociable, cheerful child interested in everything. The boy goes to school, started attending third grade in September. However, at school Saturn himself could not move, he was dependent on others because the boy moved only accompanied by another person who pushed his spec. car seat. As the child himself said, “Mom, where I am being built during the break, there I am.” The boy’s dream was to “move” himself.

We were approached by Saturn’s mother with a request to help purchase an electric wheelchair so that the boy would willingly go to school, be able to move independently, not be dependent on others. Thanks to the sponsors, we fulfilled the boy’s dream and gave Saturn a new electric wheelchair J

Excerpts from Saturn’s mother Jelena’s letters:

“Hello, here we are sending you some more photos. Saturn is very happy J. Know he now goes out every day to ride with him. As we walk, so does the ride, and it feels so independent.

Thank you so much for such a great job that you were able to make our dream come true. We are happy !!!! Thank you laaaaaaaaaaaaaabai… ”

“Thank you very much, we are doing well. <..> Saturn gets up and rides J on wheels every day. He even made friends because he started driving to the neighbors without me J. ”


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