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Help our medical staff


Help our medical staff

We are glad that thanks to Lithuanian business companies, today we have collected 450,000 euros, from which we have already spent and bought masks and protective suits for our doctors. Now 10,000 units have been bought. protective suits 60,000 medical masks 75,000 respirators. We thank the Lithuanian businessmen who have already contributed and are still contributing to the campaign to support our medical staff during this particularly difficult period.

We are constantly consulting with medical institutions about what tools are most lacking. It is possible that other money will no longer be used to purchase medical equipment instead of protective equipment.
You can still support the initiative, and together with business, we will take care of the procurement of the most necessary equipment and logistics, which poses considerable challenges now that the whole world needs the same equipment.

Labdaros ir paramos fondas “Rūpestinga širdelė”
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Address: Užnerio g. 1-3, LT – 47484 Kaunas
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“Swedbank” AB
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To help send an sms to the number: 1670 with the word DONATION. (sms price 5EURAI)
We thanks for all companys, peoples how help our doctors:
 Amount in the account: 440 k
Total spend for medical equipment: 348 k

2 k reusable disinfected cotton masks from local suppliers for social care institutions (elderly care homes), should be delivered tonight and will be distributed by the fund “Rupestinga Sirdele”.
15k masks (simple& FFP2) had to be received last Thursday. While the shipment was successfully delivered to the EU, now it’s stuck in Belgium. We’re pushing DHL for the updates every single day, and their latest reply was “it should reach you within this week”. Fingers crossed!
50 k FFP2 04.04 coming 
70 k masks (simple&FFP2) and 10 k protective suites,

Remaining 92 k (shipping costs A , B or  C will be excluded from the amount)
The plan is to use them for 2 ventilation machines (40-50 k), which are still on searches. We’re looking for an EU supplier who could ensure the delivery. Also, we’d use it for shipment costs, taxes in case they’ll appear. And the rest probably would go for the small equipment, as per hospital requests, which will be possible to find locally.
Stay safe 💛

For good help send sms to number: 1670 with word AUKA. (sms price 5EURAI)

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