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Kiril is 13 years old boy, who lives together with his grandmother from an early age. From the first day, Kiril’s shoulders were covered by diagnoses:

🔺cerebral palsy

🔺symptomatic focal epilepsy

🔺mixed specific developmental disorder


🔺hearing impairment

Kiril is strong and never stop learning. But Kiril has an another problem… He still doesn’t walk…

But WE can help him!🧡

Thanks to caring people, one of Kiril’s dreams came true!✨

From now on, every day he will be able to strengthen his arms and legs with the help of a special bicycle “Arm-leg trainer for children MOTOmed GRACILE 12”.

👨‍🚀 However, exercising in  “astronaut” suit can help achieve the result faster. This is Kiril’s second dream – we can fulfill!

At the Olinek Rehabilitation Center in Poland, a special suit is offered to allow Kiril to strengthen faster!

You can read more about this special suit ⬇️:
The suit acts as an elastic external muscular system (carcass), stabilizing the patient’s torso and limbs, reducing pathological synergy, correcting posture and normalizing the patient’s movements. In addition, deep pressure on the joints improves sensory and proprioreceptor information, strengthens the vestibular system and coordination. Importantly, this does not limit the patient’s voluntary movements, but requires more effort to create the desired movement.
The principle of operation is to provide the patient with a physiologically correct posture position and to correct movements using support and adjustment of the costume elements. The purpose of applying the suit is to regulate and determine the direction of the muscles as close as possible to their natural functioning. This creates a powerful normalizing flow of afferent (centrifugal) vestibular-proprioreceptive impulses and affects the brain-damaged centers responsible for movement and speech control to restore impaired functions.

✨Let’s UNITE for a common goal – let Kiril’s dreams come true – learn to WALK.✨

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✨Together we can achieve more✨

Thank You for Your support🧡