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Donate Milda 🕊 500.00 € rised

Little girl Milda is 3 and a half years old, but still small and isn‘t strong as she has to be. This girl spend almost whole her life in the hospital. The girl was having 50 time a day of epileptic seizures. Milda had and operation and tracheostonomy was inserted into the girl‘s trachea to combat epileptic. But now, after half a year, her mother Laima, can relax – the number of seizures decreased and the terrible-looking tracheostonomy is gone.

For today, the most important thing for little girl Milda is daily exercise routine with physiotherapist. These people can help for this little girl, to grow stronger Also, once a week she visits swimming poll and go to the masseuse.

Big thank‘s goes to our partner Tesonet and Tomas Okmanas. They donated 500 € to pay for Milda‘s physiotherapy and individual procedures in the gym, VS-Fitness Kaunas – MEGA.