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Charity and support foundation “Caring Heart” was established in 2017. at the beginning. The foundation was established to help and give hope to those to whom fate sends severe trials.

We aim to help families raising severely ill or disabled children. Often, such families face not only psychological burdens but also material difficulties. We raise funds to provide treatment for such children, spec. equipment to enable these children to grow up more independently, to learn, to improve, to integrate into society, to experience less exclusion and to interact with their peers. You can read more about such children in the stories of Saturn, Monica, Jacob.

Another concern for us is children growing up without parents or social risk in families. The Foundation cooperates with the “Social Center for Children and Adolescents” in Vilnius, as well as with children’s day care centers located throughout Lithuania. We want to awaken the dreams of such children, help them to believe in themselves, give them the opportunity to learn and cling to life.

We “make friends” with Amber pharmacies, where after purchasing a “Careful Heart” box for medicines or vitamins, the price of each box is 50 cnt. is allocated to the Fund. Thanks to these funds, this summer the residents of Ilguva social care home went to the sea and to Klaipėda Dolphinarium, the Lithuanian Samaritan’s Society Children’s Day Center and nursing homes received new computers, various care institutions were supported by health care, hygiene measures and food supplements.

In Lithuania, there are many institutions providing social and medical services that rescue people who face various problems, have some disability or illness on a daily basis. The staff of these institutions put a lot of effort, energy and love into their work. “It’s not just a job, it’s a way of life,” says Eglė Mėlinauskienė, founder and manager of the support and charity fund Mamu Unija. You would hear similar words by visiting the Panevėžys Youth Day Center, Ukmergė Children’s Day Center “Ticket to a Full Childhood” and many other institutions.

Thanks to such people who are dedicated to their work, our society today is gradually becoming more mature and understanding – trying to reach out to those who are weaker. True, employees of many of the institutions visited find that people are now more likely to sacrifice, but many still avoid contact with a “different” person. Diana Deveikienė, the director of the Utena Child and Family Welfare Center, states that visitors to the center, who have put a lot of effort into solving their own and their family’s problems, often go to society and experience bullying, indifference and rejection.

The team of the social project “Caring Heart”, who visited a number of Lithuanian social and medical institutions, pointed out that adults, children and grandparents living in or visiting social institutions need not only material things (which, in fact, are very important), but also warm communication. Especially for children. They need to communicate, get to know, learn, have fun, play and be valued.

This is very obvious – the guests are greeted by people dressed in curious smiles, and some are even waiting with handmade gifts (photos can be found in the gallery). Therefore, we would like to remind you that each of you can help – take a look at the social service institutions and day centers in your city and visit them. You’ll be amazed at how warm you’ll be and how sometimes it can be easy to give someone happiness.

Not only material and psychological assistance to people with disabilities is important to us, but we also aim to contribute to the education and tolerance of people with disabilities.